Shared safari

300$ (up to 7 people - Hotel guests) 350$ (7 people) 80$ - 150$ per person

Akagera Transit Lodge offers safaris to Akagera National Park, the only savannah environment in Rwanda and home to the big five. Let us take you there! The Safari offers an educational and thrilling experience for travellers visiting Rwanda, enabling them to witness Africa's most iconic animals in their natural environment while also learning about the significance of conservation efforts in safeguarding these species.

The lodge provides private safaris to its guests at a rate of $300 per day, while non-lodge guests are charged $350 per day.

Additionally, shared day game drives are arranged every weekend in a seven-seater safari car departing from Akagera Transit Lodge for a rate of between US$80-US $150 per person.

Boat Tour

Akagera Boat Tour

For a change in scenery, a boat tour on Lake Ihema in Akagera National Park is not to be missed. Enjoy the Akagera aquatic life from basking crocodiles to hippos and waterbirds such as the African fish eagles, Goliath heron and many waterbirds that enjoy the serenity on Nyirabiyoro island.

Occasionally you can encounter thirsty big mammals that come to the lake for a sip. Often buffalos, elephants and various antelopes have been seen while on the boat tour.

Community Activities


Cattle are pivotal in Rwandan life, especially in the Eastern province renowned for cattle farming. Beyond meat and milk, cow dung finds diverse uses from natural manure to wall cladding and traditional arts, even crafting local bee hives. A farm visit unveils traditional milk preservation methods and an opportunity to taste fresh, warm milk from traditional containers. Engage in the milk rituals, experience milking, and immerse in the essence of Rwandan culture and daily life.


Akagera Transit Lodge uniquely connects visitors with our community's culture through bike rides. The local bike, known as "Matabaro," holds immense importance in daily life, aiding in various tasks like water fetching, transporting cattle grass, and reaching gardens. Notably, women in the Eastern province were trailblazers in biking in Rwanda. Rumor has it that owning a bike is a prerequisite for marriage. Book a bike ride with us to explore the local community just like a true local.

Arts and Craft

The metalworkers in our community epitomize recycling, utilizing every scrap of metal to mend pots, pans, grain mills, and even transforming old vehicle springs into functional garden hoes. During your visit, you'll witness their ingenious craftsmanship and even try your hand at it. These practices are deeply interwoven into the daily lives of the local community, showcasing their resourcefulness and sustainable approach. Embrace this experience to not only appreciate their skills but also gain insight into how reusing and repurposing materials are an integral part of their livelihoods.

Fence walk

Akagera’s western boundary is a 120km boundary fence stretching from the southern tip all the way to the north of the park. It plays an essential role in the conservation of the park. The fence has brought back peace among the community farmers and it has allowed the park to resolve the human wildlife conflict issue which was a burden to the people and wildlife. As of now lions and rhinos have been reintroduced and the people are enjoying a great relationship with the park. Walk the fence learn the community stories with wildlife and enjoy the spectacular views of the park over the top of the ridge.

Banana Beer

Urwagwa is the local beer made from bananas. Urwagwa was, and in some parts of Rwanda still is, important in ceremonies. Learn how a local banana beer producer makes the beer in their house, then visit a bar across the road to taste his wares. Learn about the culture around banana beer and its importance in Rwanda, for example, historically, a man who did something wrong was fined in terms of number of Urwagwa bottles he would make for the village men.

Honey production

Following this, venture to a cooperative specializing in honey production, known as "ubuki" in the local language. Here, witness a fascinating amalgamation of traditional and modern techniques employed in the honey-making process. Gain insights into the construction of traditional hives crafted from indigenous materials. Immerse your taste buds in the rich flavors of local honey directly from the comb and consider purchasing some to savor the essence of Rwanda at home. Akagera Transit Lodge offers this exquisite local honey in its coffee shop, allowing you to extend the experience and relish the flavors of the region whenever you like.